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Quality controlIndustrial human-computer interface designed in strict accordance with the harsh environment of industrial site

vensin  industrial panel computer series products are strict according to the industrial man-machine interface harsh environment design of industrial field, the core advantage of leading innovation design and product quality, stable signal in product research and development, production and supply chain quality monitoring has a strict quality management system, refine on and continuous improvement is our working goal and direction the application letter, demand, stable in product design advantage can better meet customer for example: onboard memory process, effectively avoid the memory finger oxidation, vibration and humidity environment caused a blue screen of death, etc, to improve the reliability of equipment, reduce the maintenance cost of the user, the selection of industrial grade LED backlit display, wide viewing angle, excellent display effect, suitable for outdoor, mobile and strong light environment, working temperature support -30 degrees to +70 degrees, the service life of 5 years or above. Steadily on the product of the tireless efforts and diligently pursue, its purpose is to create the domestic high-quality industrial flat panel computer brand, in greatly reducing the user cost of equipment at the same time experience quality products and professional services.1, system construction: the complete product quality research, validation, supply chain, quality inspection and production process of rules and regulations;
2, the goods seized the internal: products invo   lved parts, series of products of independent testing standards and strengthen the focus on detecting content;
3, quality test: the whole product process detection, machine initial inspection, final inspection in the burning machine aging test and the manufactured products, ensure quality and quality.
4, system support: ERP system platform leading to material, orders and production progress tracking and efficient management. 1, high and low temperature test equipment
2, static test equipment
3, the surge test equipment
4, a temperature measuring instrument equipment: internal key temperature all machine product development and validation phase control point track, curve analysis and statistical reports.
5, the high temperature burning room: unified adjustment work environment temperature (+40--+70 degrees), can accommodate 150 complete aging test.
6, hard disk copy machine and 8 machine: rapid implementation of whole system and software system of storage equipment, calibration and inspection data consistent and contrast, ensure that the system is stable and reliable.
7, uninterrupted power test equipment: illegal switch machine test for the machine and a storage device simulation scene, the initial inspection and verification times up to 500 times, effectively prevent systemic collapse and damage phenomenon.

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